• The complete collection of Primitive Archer Magazine, Volumes 1 to present day.
  • cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Volume 1 Issue 2 cover of Volume 1 issue 1 Primitive Archer Magazine
    Complete set of Volume 1.  Included Issues 1-4
  • cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 4 cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 2 Iss. 1
    Complete set of Volume 2.  Included Issues 1-4-  This Volume is being reproduced all first copies have sold out.
  • Cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 2 cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 1
    Complete set of Volume 2.  Included Issues 1-4-  This Volume is being reproduced all first copies have sold out.
  • Cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol 4 Issue 3 Cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol 4 Issue 1
    Complete set of Volume 4.  Included Issues 1-4 Volume 4 Issues 1-4 Issue 1 Texas Javelina Bow Design Basics Linda Brackenbury-On Strings Quality Shafts-in Quantity Plague: A Present Danger A Pair to Draw To The Tiny Trophy Snake Bow Hickory Backing A Hunting Tale For Russell Embossing Leather Primitive Hunting A Unique Bowyer's Bench Lesson from the Past Preparing Arrow Feathers Borers! Borers! Borers! A Bowhunter's Witness Grandpa, I Want Medicine Man: Willow  Issue 2 Clear Creek Encounter Bowhunting for Cottontails Archer's Shop: Cherry Bark Backing Medicine Man: Maple The Primitive Bowyer Using the Entire Critter, Part 3 Talking Cedar Spruce as a Bow Wood Ungava Bay Caribou Hunting Recreational Longbow Part 3 The Bow, the Buck, & the Irony  Issue 3 Black Walnut Longbows Conversations with Jay Massey Sticks 'n Stones and a Unicorn Goat Using the Entire Critter, part 4 No Meat Legacy in the Woods The Legend of Arthur The Ancient Hunter's Dilemma Archer's Shop: Trade Blanket Quivers Medicine Man: Sweet Gum The Wonderful World of Wenge Black Locust: Trash or Treasure Weather Signs Madrone: A New Bow Wood Stinging Nettle as a Bow Handle Wrap  Issue 4 The Saami-Bow The Oleander Bow Finishing the Poor Man’s Arrow All Wood Compsite: Bow Building 101 Wood Backed Snake Bow Medicine Man: Black Locust Seminole One Fletch A Long and Honorable Tradition Using the Entire Critter: Part 5 Bow Building’s Day Number Eight and the Ugly Stick Straightening Cane Two Sticks and Twine
  • Cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol 5 Issue 2 Cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol 5 Issue 1
    Volume 5 Issues 1-4 Issue 1 Buffalo Horn and Deer Antler Points The Versatile “38” Myth vs. Fiction The Stave Warmer The Recreational Longbow Stick and String Southeastern Indian Two Fletch Medicine Man: Thistle An American Tradition Archer’s Shop: Bamboo Backed Bows The Old Geezer Other Arrows Try Another Kind of Primitive Hunting A Simple Back Quiver Dogbane Bowstring Off-Handed Buck Issue 2 Tribute to Jay Massey Magenta, but a Promise Kept The Only Woman in Craft Guild Bye Bye Bowhunting Cupid Bow Arrows for the Rain Michigan Archery Season’s #1 Typical Harvest Primitive Hunting Strategies Medicine Man: Persimmon Incredible Edible Arrows Easy Arrowheads Opening Day Archery Season Recycling 3-D Targets Bow Building Bench Marshall Rendezvous AtlAtl Championship Issue 3 What Do These Arrows Tell Us About Primitive? “Sorta” Primitive Arrows the Easy Way Practical Primitive Photography Modern Cases for Primitive Archers Rawhide without the Middleman Cane Inserts Introducing Norma J. Pinney Beauty is in the Eye of the Bow Holder Medicine Man: All-Thorn Forget the Trophies Sticks & Stones: Can They Break Bones? Stalking the Wild Mushroom Flintknapping Questions and Answers Birch Bark Quiver Issue 4 Primitive Micro Blades Let’s Get Back to the “Bowsics” Primitive Archer Tips Tillering by the Numbers Follow the Grain Mongolian Bow Quick Knock Medicine Man: River Cyprus Boars, Dogs, and Boat Paddles The Revival of “Old Hic” The Scraper Hunting the Ghost Spine Tester Stick & String: Compound Interest
  • Cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 6 Issue 2 cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 6 Issue 1
    Volume 6 Issues 1-4 Issue 1 Mongol & Magyar Limbs Survival Is No Accident The “Fake” Snake Bow Yak: The Alaska Bow Hunt Part 1: Eskimo Bows Pinyon Snake-Skin Backing Self-Beam Balance Creek Moccasins Yes! Brother Bowyer: There Is An 11% Federal Excise Tax for You “It’s Got Caribou Written All Over It“ Issue 2 Part 2: Eskimo Bows Broken Arrows . . . Or Are They? Stalking a Deadly Gopher and Other Humorous Versions of the Truth Billet Splicing Corn Stalk Shoot The Straight-Handled Draw Knife Yaupon Understanding Old Bows Fletching Alternatives Cleaning Your Feathers Snake-Skin Backing Bark Bow Backing Issue 3 The Gar Quiver Southeastern Indian Four Fletch Part 3: Eskimo Bows Sycamore The Toil of Tillering The Mongolian Iron Arrowhead Primitive Corner A Tale of Two Bowyers How to Grow Your Own Osage Trees To the Snowshoe Hare Our Certificate The Secret to Great Nocks Stress Management Snowshoe Goats Issue 4 Primitive Porky’s “Powder Puff Style” A Turkish Bow without Horn How to Build a Take Down Self-Bow without the Metal Sleeve The Metal Cone Arrow Point Antler Mounting River Gorge Hoorah The Recreational Longbow Mesquite Getting a Bow to Bend Uniformly Slickum Stick How Fast Should My Bow Shoot? The Tick
  • cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 7 Issue 2 Cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol 7 Issue 1
    Volume 7 Issues 1-4 Issue 1 The Gendawa: A Primitive Bow from Indonesia “Yew Wood” and the Missus Spruce Weight Matching Your Arrows the Old Fashioned Way Simply Footing The Lost Art of Tillering the Penobscot Bow Turkey Hunting An African Bow and Arrows? The Flemish Splice String Southern Arrowwood Alternative Natural Shafting Saxton Pope’s Quiver Issue 2 In the Palm of My Hand Guide for the Wannabe Real, Black Walnut Stain Individual Measurements: Laying Out a Bow - Primitive Style Eskimo Armed Conflict Redbud The Fall Fighting to Protect Our Heritage Worth Taking a Closer Look 3-Deee!!! Issue 3 Bows of the Kalahari Bushmen 48-Year Hunt The Osage Buck Port Orford Cedar Tying Off Your Arrows Medicine Man: Plantain Straight as an Arrow A Stave By Any Other Name The Arrow - Part One Issue 4 Bows of the Kalahari Bamboo Composites You Can’t Make an Unbacked Bow of Sassafras Bow Handle Z Splice The Grayson Collection Let’s Make Bone Broadheads Arrow on the Bow Hunting Rabbits Medicine Man: Chestnut Bickerstaffe English Longbows Cow Horn for Bows Synergy at Play:A Little Yumi Our Last Stone Age Man Full Circle
  • cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol 8 Issue 2 cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 8 Issue 1
    Volume 8 Issues 1-4 Issue 1 Medicine Bow High-Cast Straight Stave Bows Native American Archery Tackle Roving at Red House The Enigma of Side Horns Short Bows, No Stacking The Arrow on the Workbench Shopdust: The Paraffin Finish It Works For Me: Dressing up a PVC bow case Medicine Man: Pecan Back Trails: Excerpts from a Bowman’s Journal Issue 2 The Therapy Bow An Asian Archery Clinic The Speed Game Bone Bellied Composite Bow A Kinship Alaska Caribou Hunting The Red Bow Crooked Bows Shopdust: Shop Tips from a Master Boywer Shopdust: Thinking Glue Design & Performance: First Time Bow Tips It Works for Me: Making Your Own Varnish It Works for Me: Cooking Tips Medicine Man:Elderberry Back Trails: Dan Crocker’s Awakening Back Trails: The MO Bow Meet Issue 3 The Osage Gobbler