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  • Primitive Archer Magazine Volume 22, Issues 3-4 listing Primitive Archer Magazine Volume 22, Issues 1-3 listing
    The complete collection of Volume 22 of Primitive Archer Magazine. Includes Issues 1-6.
  • The complete collection of Primitive Archer Magazine, Volumes 1 to present day.
  • (Premier Issue) Includes: Secrets in the Stone Bows from the White Woods A Tale of Two Bows Iceman Found with Yew Bow Vindicated Calling Predators In Extra Close Seeking the Savage Life Joining Billets Hunting with Bows of Yew and Osage An Interview with Gregg Rudd Make a Tree Fly, Part I
  • Back to the Primitive Campfire Another Choice: Rattan How to Construct a Turkish Horn Bow The Old Hunter: Nice Tree The Lowly Bowstring The Archer's Heart Seeking the Savage Life: Why to Bring Your Wife Hunting Memories Confessions of a Stave Dealer Tracks and Trials Lessons Learned by an Apprentice Bowyer Make a Tree Fly, Part II
  • Mountain Goats as Pack Animals Stringboard for Continuous Loop Bowstring The Crooked Stave: A Parable The Bowyer's Rhyme Camp Bois d'Arc Predator or Prey? Quarry Blanks Medieval Hunting and the Longbow Osage Longbow: Easy as 1, 2, 3 Black Cherry Bows Snakeskin Tanning Make Your Own Tillering Board Medicine Man: Oak Tannin Make a Tree Fly, Part III
  • Vine Maple: The New Yew Wood? Cutting Fletching with a Knife Sinew String Canadian Black Bear Do-it-yourself Tapered Shafting Iceman: Still a Guessing Game Old Bushelhead: The Plan The Nocking Block Legal Arrow Points Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge Primitive Shafts/Modern Man Medicine Man: Cottonwood Secrets Make a Tree Fly, Part IV
  • cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Volume 1 Issue 2 cover of Volume 1 issue 1 Primitive Archer Magazine
    Complete set of Volume 1.  Included Issues 1-4
  • cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 4 cover of Primitive Archer Magazine Vol. 2 Iss. 1
    Complete set of Volume 2.  Included Issues 1-4-  This Volume is being reproduced all first copies have sold out.
  • Includes: Amazon Bow Bending Osage Graphic Tillering Revisited Turkey Wing Bone Calls Primitive Moose Setting Up Shop From Steel to Knife Interview with Idaho Bowyer Hari Heath Plight of a First-Time Bowyer Canadian Dilemma The Development of the Bow in America Medicine Man: Osage Orange
  • Volume 2 Issue 2- Single Issue Includes: Primitive Arms Race Improving Stone Bow Collecting Cordage from a Stinging Nettle Plant Thoughts on the Iceman Practice to Perfection Red Cedar & Hickory Recreational Longbow From Nuts to Soup The Bent Shaft Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish Crafting Hornbeam Bows Fast Flight of Natural Material Medicine Man: Hawthorne Primitive Pricing
  • Volume 2 Issue 3 Off-set Limbs Cut Stock: Affordable Alternative Properties and Design of Primitive Buckskin Stefano Benini: A Report from Italy Hide Glue Insights The Don Lewis Story: Poaching in Paradise The Simple "D" Bow 2nd Stage Lyme Disease Agony & Ecstasy: Bow Bench Plans Atlatl Construction Using Entire Critter: Shake a Leg Snake! Snakeskin Backing Ash: 1st or 2nd Choice? Painting Indian Arrows Medicine Man: Hickory
  • Volume 2 Issue 4 Includes: Learning to Care for Your Bow All Wood Composites, Part I Spine, Balance Point, and Arrow Weight The Ghillie Suit Back to the Stone Age Llove Affair with Llamas Rawhide Backing a Bow Memories From Acorns to Bows Bowhunting Caribou Tips on Building the Wooden Recurve Bow Paul Klopsteg: Archer to Remember Medicine Man: Pine Primitive Archery Rendezvous
  • Volume 3 Issue 1 Includes: Saskatchewan Bruin The Primitive Road Asymmetry at Play: The Japanese Bow Pignut Hickory What is Primitive? - Survey Limbow Hornbeam Bow Postscript Bowyer's Basic Tool Kit Recreational Longbow Roses for Better Arrows Arrows Hissing out of History Archer's Paradox All Wood Composites, Part II John Strunk School of High Standards Medicine Man: Elm
  • Volume 3 Issue 2- Single Issue Includes: Birch Bark & Bows Protecting Your Wood Bow Finding the Proper Board Stave The Passing Warrior Bow Backing: A Fresh Look Maurice Thompson's Poems Abo Fishing Using The Entire Critter: Getting A Head Red Mulberry: Excellent Bow Wood Bowhunting, "Made In Italy" Medicine Man: Ash
  • Volume 3, Issue 3 Juniper Bows A Place to Return Pick Handle Bow Get a Load of Them Legs Poor Man's Spine Tester Playing Your Bow The Fine Art of Arrowmaking The Missing Art What is Primitive? Survey Results Hot Box Wood Dryer What Kind of Bow Does the President Shoot? Medicine Man: Hackberry
  • Volume 3 Issue 4 Prairie Dogs Penobscot Bow A Traditional Champion: Gilman Keasey Phoney Fish: Bow-Fishing Practice Firewood Pile Longbow Black Locust Bows Needle in the Basin Bull Hidatsa Archery Making Them Snug Nature's Way Longbow Boar Hunt Horn Nocks Our Future: Beyond the Shop Medicine Man: Mulberry