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  • A Leading Expert on Traditional Archery Offers Insight Into How the Longbow Was Drawn from Medieval Sources to Modern Recreations “Soar’s book [The Crooked Stick] is indispensible.”―Bernard Cornwell, New York Times bestselling author. Relying on more than fifty years’ experience in archery, historian Hugh D. H. Soar reflects on how the longbow was drawn and shot across the centuries through examining the design of the bow and early literature about the bow, combined with his and his colleagues’ applied knowledge using replica bows. No complete medieval longbow has survived, but those found aboard the Tudor warship Mary Rose provide the best archaeological evidence to the possible construction of the medieval bow. Contemporary treatises written about the proper manner of shooting the bow, together with the resurgence in interest and construction of replica bows beginning in the late sixteenth century that form part of the author’s collection provide the basis for this work. How to Shoot the Longbow: A Guide from Historical and Applied Sources is a fascinating and practical look at the use of a legendary invention
  • In this book, the author describes the transition from hand-thrown spear to bow-launched arrow and then follows the arrow's developments in cultures around the world and across time,. The book describes arrows found in Neolithic sites; those used by North and South American Indians–including a discussion of poison-tipped arrows; arrows used in China, Japan and Mongolia; and finally the arrow in Europe, where it was successfully paired with the longbow during the Middle Ages. The author completes his survey with the changes in technology introduced during the 20th century through the use of the alloy of aluminum with other light-weight metals and synthetic materials to construct part of the arrow.
    • All-purpose guide to utilizing your deer after the kill
    • Detailed instructions on field dressing and butchering
    • Varied recipes for venison plus tips on do-it-yourself taxidermyYou've braved the elements, spent hours lying in wait, and had your share of near misses, but you've finally bagged that prize whitetail or mule deer. Now what? In this wide-ranging guide, Dennis Walrod tells you everything you need to know to maximize the use of your deer. In addition to essential instruction on field dressing and transport, the author goes on to cover salting and tanning hides, aging venison, leathercrafting, soapmaking, trophy mounting, and creating home furnishings and decorations. Also included is a selection of mouthwatering venison recipes, making this an indispensable resource for any hunter looking to extend the hunting experience beyond the moment of the kill.