Welcome to our "What is Primitive?" survey.  Back in 1995  in Vol. 3 Issue 1, Primitive Archer Magazine published a survey written by Jack D. Keener Jr.  In this survey, Keener was searching for answers on different thoughts or views on what is "primitive".  He realized that through his experiences of classes, events, and programs that there seemed to be a wide variety of definitions of "What is Primitive?"  So he asked the readership of 25 years ago what their definitions were through this survey.

"I ask you, the readers and practitioners of primitive archery and/or bowhunting, to complete the following survey and send it to the address below."

Well, fast forward a quarter of a century and technology sure has changed, but has our definitions of "What is Primitive?"  We thought it would be fun to find out.  Now in his past article, Keener was working to "develop a standard that clubs and associations might refer to or adopt for use at their respective shoots. This does not preclude a club or association from modifying the standard or adopting whatever definition they wish as 'primitive'."  Our goal is to share the results in a future issue of the magazine just as was done 25 years ago.