Back Issue: Volume 17 Issue 4 Download


Back Issue: Volume 17 Issue 4 Download

If you have limited space or room to store magazines or don’t want to pay shipping costs, this is our solution.   We are putting up our back issues in a downloadable pdf format for your reading pleasure.

You can view the article overview below.

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One Of The Great Ones Is Gone by Kay Koppedrayer
Hunting Hogs With Rocks by Chris Cade
Florida Bobcats by Charles E. Grayson
Why I Hunt Primitive by Billy Berger
Collecting And Processing Deer Sinew by Mickey Lotz
Pondering The Penobscot Bow by Wally Robson
Deer Hunting For Bushy Tails by Mickey Lotz
Whistling Arrows by Charles E. Grayson
The Island by Chad K. Slagle

Hunting – Planting Those Fall Plots by Tony Kinton
Closer Look – Product Reviews by Tony Kinton
Ask PA – White Ash For Backing Strips by Marc St. Louis
Bows of the Month – From by Don Berg
Medicine Man ®
Devil’s Club by T.R. Zimmermann
Primitive Chef ® – Bourbon Braised Pork & Beans With Cheddar Skillet Spoon Bread by Bill Campbell
Poet’s Corner – Don’t Give Up by Page Brennan
Backtrails – Centuries and Shavings by Steve Parker


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