Back Issue: Volume 17 Issue 6 Download


Back Issue: Volume 17 Issue 6 Download

If you have limited space or room to store magazines or don’t want to pay shipping costs, this is our solution.   We are putting up our back issues in a downloadable pdf format for your reading pleasure.

You can view the article overview below.

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Ghosts Of The Dark Timber: Part II by Mike Huston
Primitive Archery’s Lessons On Stone Tool Use by Billy Berger
Three 18th-Century Longbows by Hugh D.H. Soar
Boy Scouts And Wood Bows by Mark (Pappy) Baggett
H.A.T. (Horse Archery Tips) Part II by Jay Redhawk
The Bows And Arrows Of Papua New Guinea Part II by Dr. Ed Ashby
Leather Feathers by Winston Macdonald
Kids And Stones by Jamie Leffler
The Best Gift Of All by Tony Kinton
The Matriarch by Chris Cade

Hunting – Reflections And Projections by Tony Kinton
Closer Look – Product Reviews by Tony Kinton
Ask PA – Yew War Bow Advice by Marc St. Louis
Bows of the Month – From by Don Berg
Medicine Man ®
Junco by T.R. Zimmermann
Primitive Chef ® – Inside-Out Turducken With Turkey And Cranberry Sausage Stuffing by Bill Campbell
Poet’s Corner – The Paraclete Bow by M.L.L.
Backtrails – Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust: A Memorial Shoot by Jimmy Blackmon

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