Back Issue: Volume 18 Issue 1 Download


k Issue: Volume 18 Issue 1 Download

If you have limited space or room to store magazines or don’t want to pay shipping costs, this is our solution.   We are putting up our back issues in a downloadable pdf format for your reading pleasure.

You can view the article overview below.

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Ghosts Of The Dark Timber: Part III by Mike Huston
Treasures of the Smithsonian: Part I by Billy Berger
Archery Targets by Steven Gregersen
H.A.T. (Horse Archery Tips) Part III by Jay Redhawk
How To Process Your Own Deer by Mike Yancey
A Special Day at the Zia Spinal Cord Injury Center by Janet J. Escobedo
Building Authentic Ottawa Bows by Rich Rousseau
The Mary Rose Bowstring by Duane Spangler
Book Review: Ottoman Turkish Bows: Manufacture & Design by Frank Reinshagen
The Stick That Twanged by Robert H. Miller

Hunting – The Time Is Now by Tony Kinton
A Closer Look – Product Reviews by Tony Kinton
Ask PA – Eastern Hop Hornbeam as Bow Wood by Marc St. Louis
Bows of the Month – From by Don Berg
Medicine Man ® – Maidenhair Fern by T.R. Zimmermann
Primitive Chef ® – Bleu Cheddar Burger with Chorizo Beef, Chipotle Mayonnaise, and Navajo Fry Bread by Bill Campbell
Poet’s Corner – The Great Hunt by Wells Warren
Backtrails – The Unusual Suspects by Chad Stagle

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