Back Issue: Volume 19 Issue 1 Download


Back Issue: Volume 19 Issue 1 Download

If you have limited space or room to store magazines or don’t want to pay shipping costs, this is our solution.   We are putting up our back issues in a downloadable pdf format for your reading pleasure.

You can view the article overview below.

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A Season to Remember by Jimmy Blackmon
Micro-Mini Food Plot by Horace Worcester (Hacksaw)
Hot Georgia Pork by Eddie “Mullet” Parker
Making Rawhide: The Dry Scrape Method by Andy & Kathy Miller
Marines Train on “Old” Weapon System at Modern Simulation Facility by John Borgeson
Yes, but WILL it Fly? by Robert H. Miller
Our Community Shines! by Pat Brennan
2008 New England Primitive Skills Gathering by Dane M. Donato
Book Review by Kay Koppedrayer
Shellac: The Primitive Polyurethane Finish by Jonathan Hall

Hunting Column – 2011: Reflections from the Past, Hope for the Future by Tony Kinton
A Closer Look – Product Reviews by Tony Kinton
Ask PA – High Performance Self Bows by Marc St. Louis
Bows of the Month – From by Josh Baty
Medicine Man ® – Slippery Elm by Steve Parker
Primitive Chef ® – The Scotch Egg Breakfast with Buttermilk Biscuits, Tomato Chutney and Sausage Gravy by Bill Campbell
Poet’s Corner – Bow & Creek by Charles Fox
Backtrails – The Essence of Instinctive Classical Archery by Manuel Sebastian Cervantes

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