Early Adventures with Howard Hill -The Evolution of an Archer by Don Carson


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“My only excuse for writing this is that I am an Archer. It is but little fun to hunt if one does not have a companion to slap one the back when one has made a lucky shot.  There is not thrill in the days of good times if one cannot tell someone about them afterwards.  In these pages I tell you of good times and the memories that have made life worth living for me. I hope that someday I will be able to listen to your tales of the bow.

The following tales are not literary masterpieces, but merely the relating of days spent in the woods with a bow in my hand and a song in my heart. if you sense in a small way the thrill that you received from killing your first rabbit with nothing but a sliver of wood, a pieces of string, and small round stick, I am satisfied.

May the Gods of Archery guide your arrows to the mark.”

~Don Carson


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