Medicine Man Vol. 4 Shrubs, Plants, and Grasses: Agarita – Juniper


This book is the fourth Volume of 6 that are a collection of selected articles describing a variety of the materials used, as well as the processing and application of these natural materials in healing the injured and the sick. The first three volumes cover over fifty different varieties of trees. The next three volumes cover a like number of shrubs, grasses and plants. Medicine Man is the fifth title in a series of such collections. This volume covers shrubs, plants, and grasses Agarita through Juniper.



These six volumes are packed with articles describing the attributes and challenges of different woods used in making self- bows as well as instructions for the collection and then preparation of those woods for processing. Many of the articles take the reader step by step all the way from collection through to the finished bow of that chosen wood. Others focus on special challenges such as “Cutting Your Own Bow Wood”, “Drying Wood” or “Follow the Grain”.

“The discussion about what makes the best bow wood is one that will never be fully resolved. One reason is that each species has a combination of characteristics that makes it more or less desirable to the individual bowyer. Also, considerations apart from the physical properties of the wood can be important. Cost and availability, for example, are certainly factors that might make a particular wood a good choice for a bow.” by James Hoffman

“Here is a how-to article on cutting and preparing your own bow wood for drying the old-fashioned way. The wood we will be working with here is the famous Osage Orange or Hedge or even Bois d’ Arc, depending on what part of the country you are from. I’m from the South and we call it Bois d’ Arc, and there is no finer bow wood in my opinion for a self-bow. We will describe when to cut: how to split, seal the ends and treat for bugs; then how to store for proper seasoning.” By Mike Yancey

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