Native Arrows and Points by Thad Beckum


Learn how to make and use the accurate and deadly primitive arrows of rivercane and hardwood. Primitive arrow construction from A to Z! Also witness the very effective primitive arrow on the hunt for game small and large. All hunts fair chase in the wild… no feeders, fences or other clutches.

119 minutes



The call of the primitive lifestyle is strong and alluring. But it’s not to be answered lightly. The Native Arrows and Points DVD gives you the guidance and instruction you need to set out on the ancient, and well-worn path of primitive arrow building.

Primitive skills expert, Thad Beckum, takes you step by step through the process of building an accurate and deadly primitive North American arrow.

Using stone tools, Thad cuts the river cane for the shaft, straightens the shaft with fire, makes animal glue and pine pitch, hafts the flint point… every step through to successful wild turkey, rabbit, and squirrel hunts.

You’ll also learn about flint points, organic points, hardwood shafts, and more. Thad even shows you how to determine a primitive arrow’s spine to match to your bow!

This amazing DVD will immerse you in the past… a time when man was one with nature, and utilized the natural resources around him to make the weapons that put meat on the campfire. Approximately 118 minutes.


1. Family History & Cutting Rivercane

2. Making Arrows Straight with Fire

3. Making Animal Glue

4. Making Pine Pitch Glue

5. Hafting Flint Points

6. Flint Points & Whitetails

7. Organic Points

8. Hardwood Foreshafts

9. Hunting Rabbits

10. Primitive Arrow Spine

11. Hardwood Arrows

12. Ugly Bows & Beautiful Arrows

13. Bird Arrow Practice

14. Primitive Turkey Hunt


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Dimensions 7.5 × 6 × .5 in
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