DVDs presented by Horsefeathers Ranch to meet all your archery needs.

  • Master bowyer and owner of Rattlestick Bows, Gary S. Davis shares his 27 years of bow building passion in this all encompassing 2.5 hour DVD! Covers Osage and White Woods. Topics include: Selecting a tree, Bow Layout and Cutout, Tools, Tapering, Tillering, Reflex Bow Forms, Steaming/Straightening, Snakeskin Backing, Finishing and Grip, plus bonus material.
  • Centuries ago our ancestors clawed their way to the top of the food chain using nothing more than stick, string, and stone. Billy Berger follows in those ancient footsteps with this thrilling DVD featuring large and small game taken with a primitive longbow and stone tipped arrows. For over 90 minutes of primitive hunting action, Billy Berger shows you how it's done the original "Hard way!" No modern weapons. No special equipment. No nonsense. It's the ultimate bowhunting challenge. Step back in time with Primitive Instinct Vol. 1 with Billy Berger. Approximately 91 minutes.
  • Mike Yancey is a master of the self bow. In this DVD he shares his secrets and techniques learned through years of hands-on experience. Mike is known for his beautifully crafted self bows that draw smooth and cast arrows with great authority. Now in the comfort of your own home you can learn how to build your own sinew backed bow. 2 hours 23 minutes
  • Learn how to make and use the accurate and deadly primitive arrows of rivercane and hardwood. Primitive arrow construction from A to Z! Also witness the very effective primitive arrow on the hunt for game small and large. All hunts fair chase in the wild... no feeders, fences or other clutches. 119 minutes
  • back of Billets to Bows DVD cover of Billets to Bows
    Come share the sights, sounds and smells of archery with the legendary Glenn St. Charles. From the 1920's to today, these 36 chapters are packed with nostalgia, history, and a rare kind of knowledge that can only come from years of hands-on experience. Master Bowyer Glenn St Charles shows you how to make a hard-hitting yew bow. Everything from cutting the tree to final testing and shooting of the bow is covered. Hundreds of photos and illustrations. A companion book to the video, Billets to Bows, and much, much more. 195 pages. By Glenn St. Charles.
    • Make a hard-hitting yew bow
    • From cutting the tree to final testing
    • Hundreds of illustrations
    119 minutes
  • back of Billets to Bows DVD cover of Billets to Bows
    From tree to finished bow and arrow, the authors guide you from obtaining and curing the log to final tillering and shooting. All steps covered. Most importantly the physics explain why and how a stick bends. Included is the making of a primitive arrow. The McPhersons are internationally known as experts in the field of Primitive Technology. They have been featured on National Public Radio, Voice of America TV, Kansas Public Television and the History Channel, They have also been involved in an ongoing program of teaching primitive skills to the Survival Instructors of the U.S. Army Special Forces S.E.R.E. School. A Prairie Wolf Video • 115 minutes - color
  • Getting em Thin with Primitive Tools is the second video made by Master Flint Knapper Roger Warmuskerken. In this video Roger shares his 33 years experience using both visual demonstration and diagrams on a marker board to show the more advanced methods of knapping that thin point. Special attention is given to slowing down, planning and getting the piece being worked under control, removing each flake as a planned process rather than randomly flaking the piece. The evolution of platforms is discussed as the platform gets thinner, an important aspect of making thin points. All work including notching is performed using primitive tools made from antler and stone. A 41/2” snyders point made from Burlington chert is made from a rough spall to a finished point. There is no editing out mistakes, the entire process of making the point is shown from beginning to end.