Back Issues: Volume 1 Set Issues 1-4


Complete set of Volume 1.  Included Issues 1-4

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(Premier Issue)
Secrets in the Stone
Bows from the White Woods
A Tale of Two Bows
Iceman Found with Yew Bow
Calling Predators In Extra Close
Seeking the Savage Life
Joining Billets
Hunting with Bows of Yew and Osage
An Interview with Gregg Rudd Make a Tree Fly, Part I

Back to the Primitive Campfire
Another Choice: Rattan
How to Construct a Turkish Horn Bow
The Old Hunter: Nice Tree
The Lowly Bowstring
The Archer’s Heart
Seeking the Savage Life: Why to Bring Your Wife Hunting
Confessions of a Stave Dealer
Tracks and Trials
Lessons Learned by an Apprentice Bowyer
Make a Tree Fly, Part II

Mountain Goats as Pack Animals
Stringboard for Continuous Loop Bowstring
The Crooked Stave: A Parable
The Bowyer’s Rhyme
Camp Bois d’Arc
Predator or Prey?
Quarry Blanks
Medieval Hunting and the Longbow
Osage Longbow: Easy as 1, 2, 3
Black Cherry Bows
Snakeskin Tanning
Make Your Own Tillering Board
Medicine Man: Oak Tannin
Make a Tree Fly, Part III

Vine Maple: The New Yew Wood?
Cutting Fletching with a Knife
Sinew String
Canadian Black Bear
Do-it-yourself Tapered Shafting
Iceman: Still a Guessing Game
Old Bushelhead: The Plan
The Nocking Block
Legal Arrow Points
Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge
Primitive Shafts/Modern Man
Medicine Man: Cottonwood Secrets
Make a Tree Fly, Part IV

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