Back Issues: Volume 3 Set Issues 1-4


Complete set of Volume 2.  Included Issues 1-4-  This Volume is being reproduced all first copies have sold out.

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Volume 2 Issues 1-4

Issue 1:

Amazon Bow
Bending Osage
Graphic Tillering Revisited
Turkey Wing Bone Calls
Primitive Moose
Setting Up Shop
From Steel to Knife
Interview with Idaho Bowyer Hari Heath
Plight of a First-Time Bowyer
Canadian Dilemma
The Development of the Bow in America
Medicine Man: Osage Orange

Issue 2:

Primitive Arms Race
Improving Stone
Bow Collecting
Cordage from a Stinging
Nettle Plant
Thoughts on the Iceman
Practice to Perfection
Red Cedar & Hickory
Recreational Longbow
From Nuts to Soup
The Bent Shaft
Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish
Crafting Hornbeam Bows
Fast Flight of Natural Material
Medicine Man: Hawthorne
Primitive Pricing


Issue 3:

Off-set Limbs
Cut Stock: Affordable Alternative
Properties and Design of Primitive Buckskin
Stefano Benini: A Report
from Italy
Hide Glue Insights
The Don Lewis Story: Poaching in Paradise
The Simple “D” Bow
2nd Stage Lyme Disease
Agony & Ecstasy: Bow Bench Plans
Atlatl Construction
Using Entire Critter: Shake a Leg
Snake! Snakeskin Backing
Ash: 1st or 2nd Choice?
Painting Indian Arrows
Medicine Man: Hickory


Issue 4:

Learning to Care for Your Bow
All Wood Composites, Part I
Spine, Balance Point, and Arrow Weight
The Ghillie Suit
Back to the Stone Age
Llove Affair with Llamas
Rawhide Backing a Bow
From Acorns to Bows
Bowhunting Caribou
Tips on Building the Wooden Recurve Bow
Paul Klopsteg: Archer to Remember
Medicine Man: Pine
Primitive Archery Rendezvous


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