Complete Medicine Man Collection Volumes 1- 6


Volumes 1-6 of Medicine Man. This includes: Vol 1 Bamboo-Elm, Vol 2 Hickory – Osage; Vol 3 Pau Amarello-Penobscot; Vol 4 Spruce -Yew
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These four volumes are packed with articles describing the attributes and challenges of different woods used in making self- bows as well as instructions for the collection and then preparation of those woods for processing. Many of the articles take the reader step by step all the way from collection through to the finished bow of that chosen wood. Others focus on special challenges such as “Cutting Your Own Bow Wood”, “Drying Wood” or “Follow the Grain”.



Medicine Man Volumes 1-6: Vol 1 Trees Alder-Hemlock; Vol 2 Trees Hickory- Soapberry; Vol 3 Trees Spruce- Yew; Vol 4 Shrubs, plants, grasses Argarita- Juniper; Vol 5 Shrubs, plants, grasses Madrone-Tannin; Vol 6 Shrubs, plants, grasses Survival – Yucca
Save money and purchase the whole collection.

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