Golden Treasure Series: Quivers


This book is one of our Golden Treasure Series that is a compilation of articles all related to the craft of making and caring for a variety of quivers.



This book is a collection of selected articles describing the materials used, the processing of those materials, and the craft of making and caring for a variety of quivers. This is the third of a series of such collections compiled toto books and volumes that will comprise the “Primitive Archer Golden Treasure Series”.

QUIVERS has excellent articles on tanning, embossing, and lacing leather, as well as other materials used in making quivers. In addition, it has the step by step procedures in making a number of different types of quivers such as The Gar Quiver, a Homemade Plains Type Quiver, a Birch Bark Quiver, a Badger Skin Back Quiver, Trade Blanket Quivers and Saxton Popes Quiver.

“You can add your own feathers, deer antler for buttons, or turkey beards for decoration if you like. Anything that you can add to the quiver to make it more personal will make it more of a one-of-a-kind project.” Source of the quote: Author Mike Yancey.

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